Blair-Yeakel Effect

Today our team sat and reflected on this entire unfortunate situation with this woman Kemery Blair-Yeakel.
As painful as this law suit was, it has been nearly 8 years, and this woman just won’t let go.
We feel she is obsessed with Tonja and can’t seem to move on with her life. Certainly a rejection of her unwanted advances from so long ago can’t still be lingering in her thoughts, is it possible?
Some have mentioned that her behavior and the accumulation of her actions, which in themselves would lead a reasonable person to be fearful are just down right creepy.
It is exhausting to field her nasty comments, sort out her lies and deal with her continuing bad behavior.
This is what inspired Tonja to write her new book The Blair-Yeakel Effect- How 1 Day created so much financial devastation.
This book discusses the after affect of a business partnership that has gone so terribly wrong, highlighting a strategy for an affected person to effectively deal with negative energy, move forward more victoriously, profitable and professionally.
Inspired to release herself of such negativity Tonja dove deep into the trenches with her own experience and turned out a masterpiece.


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