Put it on the table and talk about it!

Take a look at this appeal, you’ll see it talked about in the book…. there is a realtor out there named Kemery Blair Yeakel (you’ll hear more about her). She seems to think that pushing this information to the top of the search engine is going to harm me by embarrassing me and that she can justify her behavior and absolve herself of the responsibility by placing blame on me.

She is saying “ah ha, see it’s in writing by the court so it must be true, she’s a FRAUD”- Well she is flat out wrong! She destroyed the lives of so many people and she doesn’t have the right to tell my story in her distorted view or in the view of the court without the “ACTUAL” background information.

If you want to know me as a person, a real estate investor, military member, author, trainer and entrepreneur then take the time to see for yourself who I am.

The appeal you will view I pulled if off the search engines, she or someone in her orbit turned a court document into a PDF to escalate the rankings of this document so you the viewer could see it (as if I’m hiding it).

So I decided to put it on all of my websites in full disclosure of what I’ve been through and what all of my partners had to go through too. You can’t see the names of ALL of the people affected because she names all of my companies and then me personally since I was the majority share holder.

In legal proceedings an Appeal comes long after the trial court (if you get a trial) decision. So you are seeing the appeal because it’s handy and ranking on the first page of google. Here is what you should know about this, as you read it #1 I never had a trial, never had an arbitration because the lawyer never showed up and the arbitrator would not allow me as an individual to appear on my behalf without representation.

All of the allegations in this law suit besides being FALSE have never heard my side because they were DEFAULTED because of attorney bad behavior.

#2 That this law suit was “pushed” by Kemery, she egged these other partners on to create a “copycat” lawsuit so she could attempt to force a financial windfall for herself by applying pressure to me, my companies and her other partners.

#3 you can always ask me anything about these cases, you can ask me privately or in an open forum.

#4 I gave Kemery Blair Yeakel the opportunity to take the stage with me to create my new program Entrepreneurs Edge Training Program. This program discusses bad partner relationships. I gave her the venue to tell her story in a productive format, one that could help others make smarter decisions in business and avoid what we ALL suffered through in this agreement she would receive a substantial share of the available profit.

ALL she had to do was show up for 7 days, answer my panel of experts questions and tell her story (Keep in mind the court already ruled against me, so she had nothing to lose and lots to gain).

# 5 Kemery Blair Yeakel declined the professional format and instead sought out on a disparaging campaign to drag me, my family, friends and business associates through the mud.

#6 Ask yourself why she would do this ….. is she really looking to save the world from me or angry.

#7 Not once since she won the judgment against me years ago has she done this…not until she realized there is no money for her to get because she sued all of the companies, they went out of business and insolvent as did I. All of my partners experienced financial and emotional devastation too.

#8 She already strong armed the real estate company we both hung our license with and received HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. They settled so they would not be dragged through this nightmare.

#9 She did not share any of that money with her other partners

#10 She LIED UNDER OATH (READ THE BOOK), the truth is there

#11 Kemery Blair Yeakel wants my story told and the public to know about it ok… here it is….

NV appeal


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