Statement of Understanding for Investment LLC

Attached here is a copy of  statement written by each individual as their understanding of an investment discussed.  I asked them to write it before we were to execute it to make sure they understood.  Take a look at the one from Jamie Blair Yeakel and then the one from Kemery Blair Yeakel.


See how they acknowledge themselves that there is “No guarantee of profit”  (it’s also important to know this investment never took place).


Keep in mind that Jamie Blair Yeakel was a loan broker prior to becoming a real estate broker and Kemery Blair Yeakel has been a realtor for over 25 years and her family owned the C-21 office in Lakewood for decades.  My point is… well I’m sure you got it!

Bottom line is that Kemery Blair Yeakel played the victim to steal the company away from all of her partners.  She made statements that she was promised HUGE profits… see in her own words that was a LIE!

This is just the beginning of the Lie’s, the entire book will be available very soon!




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