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Wait until you see the truth of this transaction– Then we can discuss FRAUD

This came from blockshopper- you can google online and find… That Kemery Day foreclosed on her home…. but wait until you see who purchased it — all coming soon!


1,025,000 Bank Sale 07/06/2012 B: Harlene Rowe, Russell Rowe BA: N/A
S: Jpmorgan Chase Bank (Trustee), The Bank Of New York Mellon (Trustee), The Bank Of New York, The Holders Of Sami Trust 2006 Ar6 SA: N/A
$0 Foreclosure 04/13/2012 B: Jpmorgan Chase Bank (Trustee), Sami Trust 2006 Ar6 (Trustee), The Bank Of New York Mellon BA: N/A
S: Kemery Day, Recontrust Company (Trustee) SA: N/A
N/A Resale 02/08/2008 B: Jamie Blair, Kemery Day BA: N/A
S: Kemery Day SA: N/A
N/A Resale 09/02/2005 B: Kemery Day BA: N/A

Kemery Blair-Yeakel Consulting agreement

This is the agreement signed by Kemery Blair-Yeakel, AKA Kemery Day for consulting services.  Remember this woman is a 25+ year realtor who claimed she was “duped”, “defrauded”, “didn’t know what she was doing”, “was persuaded”… read the agreement and see if it’s simple enough… you be the judge.