Kemery Blair-Yeakel Professes to be property management specialist- You be the judge.

Local Long Beach, CA realtor Kemery Blair-Yeakel has been posting information on her blog stating that she is a “property management specialist”.  We find this rather difficult to believe unless… and let me make sure to emphasize… unless she means that she passed a series of written examinations qualifying her to obtain a designation.

We believe she is NOT an EXPERT... You be the judge and find out for yourself.

Questions for Kemery Blair-Yeakel or any other “specialist”

  1.  How long have you been managing properties?
  2. How many properties have you managed ?
  3. Of those, how many were your own properties or your families?
  4. Have you ever had a foreclosure?
  5. Did you every take rental income, not pay your mortgage payment and let the property go into foreclosure?
  6. Were you involved in any litigation?
  7. Did you ever file a law suit against a client of yours?
  8. Did you ever file a law suit against a tenant?
  9. Did you ever file a law suit against another real estate office?
  10. Have you ever filed a law suit against business partners?
  11. Are you the broker for your company?
  12. If no, Why aren’t you the broker?
  13. Do you carry Errors and commission insurance?
  14. What percentage of your business comes from property management vs. Real Estate Sales?




Kemery Blair-Yeakel Created a SCAM that you must read about to believe…See how she plays the victim card…

Some people earn a living with hard work and some people like this woman earn a living by filing BOGUS law suits, creating lies and deception to get people to feel sorry for her and then literally shovels in the CASH… She got hundreds of thousands of dollars for her made up story, her lies and her deception.  Don’t let this happen to you… Read about it and be prepared.

Blair-Yeakel Screams… Privacy…Don’t tell the “truth”

Blair-Yeakel Liedphoto

Today we received a notice of “A reported  privacy violation from youtube”.  The only people who can file these notices are the individual or an attorney representing the individual, not a third party (according to youtube policies).  Therefore we concluded that Kemery or a representative filed the claim.

This is ironic since Kemery Blair Yeakel is the person who put up Facebook pages in an attempt to destroy the reputation of  her former business partners.  She seeks out every possible way to insert herself into the lives of her former partners, tells her continuous untrue story of how Tonja has scammed so many people… while under oath saying “glowing and positive things about Tonja” .  Kemery cheated many people out of their hopes, dreams and companies.  Her lies are far reaching and I’m sure she doesn’t want anyone to know what she did.

When her partners decided to fight back by telling their side of the story, she cries “privacy violation”.  Calling on Youtube to get the video down! So see it here…

Why do you think this woman doesn’t want you to see the “other side of the story”?… Don’t you think if she had nothing to hide she would leave it for you to be the judge….

Don’t be fooled for a moment believing that just because a person wins a law suit, that they were right.  Unfortunately there are many people who have lost millions of dollars and liberties because of jealous, envious, greedy people…who do not tell the truth.  See for yourself… what the truth is.